Getting Started

Create, design, and test your first SheerID verification offer program.

Welcome to the MySheerID Getting Started guide! In this section, you will:

  1. Create an account or access your existing account: Account Setup
  2. Design your first verification program using our program builder: Design Program
  3. Install your newly created test program on your website, using either a code snippet or URL that we provide: Install Program
  4. Test your program using test consumer data to simulate verification success and failure as well as your consumer messaging copy for each step in a verification workflow: Test Program

If you have made it through the above steps, congratulations! Now you should understand the basics of creating and installing a verification program, and take the next steps toward launching your consumer offer.

Let’s head to the Manage Programs to learn about the advanced SheerID features, e.g., campaign tracking, SMS and email notifiers, and prepare your program to go live.