Getting Started

We offer a range of integration options. From our simple drop-in web form to our JavaScript library to our REST API for advanced implementations, choose the method that is right for your brand.


SheerID helps you provide custom offers to eligible users by verifying their eligibility as a member of a target group. Target students, military, seniors (or young adults), first responders and teachers for your offer programs with our best-in-class verification tools.

A verification should be seamless to your users. Whether the verification outcome is successful or unsuccessful, it will proceed from a series of steps that make up the flow for the type of verification program you are offering. How you choose to implement will depend on the complexity of your website and your customer data requirements.

Choosing the right integration option for your program depends on the level of customization you require in the following 3 areas:

  1. The web form collecting user data
  2. Your data collection requirements
  3. Integration with your frontend and/or backend systems

SheerID provides the tools to render your verification form and collect the data for you. We also provide a JavaScript library and a REST API to give you complete control over the form and data collection.

We’ll touch briefly below on the requirements for different integration levels, with links to more detailed documentation for each method.

Easy Install

Create your account and your first verification program, customize the user experience, and deploy to your site.

Sign up for Free

To create your first verification program and deploy a verification form on your site, complete the following steps:

  1. Click here to create a free business account.
  2. Get started creating a custom gated offer by selecting which consumer community you want to target. SheerID can verify many consumer communities, including Military, Student, Teacher, First Responder, and Age verification programs. For this quickstart, we will choose the Student card.

SheerID Segments


Customize Experience

After clicking on the Student card you will advance to the Text section in the progress header. In this section, and in the subsequent Theme and Codes sections, you can customize the look and feel of the different verification steps to meet your brand guidelines.

Customize Text

In the Text step, you will customize the messaging that your users will experience in the following three steps in a verification flow:

  • Collect Info (Collect)
  • Success confirmation (Approved)
  • Doc Upload (Upload)

Customize form

  1. Fill in the text fields in the Collect info step, Approved step, and Upload document step with your desired messaging. Note that as you complete the fields, the form preview on the right side of the screen will update to reflect your changes.
  2. After you are satisfied with the content, click Next.
Note: When you are creating your program initially, Back and Next buttons are available to guide you through the customization steps. When editing an existing program, you will instead be presented with a Save button to confirm changes.

Customize Theme

In the Theme step, you can upload a logo for your program, select from 7 different web-friendly fonts and customize your lightbox and font colors to match your branding using a color-picker or hex codes.

Customize Styles

To upload your logo, click the Upload Logo box, and select a .png, .jpg, or .gif logo file that is 1MB or less. You can delete the logo and upload a new one at any time by navigating back to the Theme section of your Program page.

Preview the Collect, Approved, and Upload experiences by clicking their respective links above the lightbox preview.

For a higher level of customization, click the Custom CSS tab and make changes to the lightbox through CSS. A tooltip is available to give common selectors that can be customized.

Warning: Changes made in the Custom CSS tab will cascade, layering on top of and potentially changing any work done through the Design tab. Be sure to thoroughly test the final rendered styles.

Click Next when finished to move on to the Codes step.

Select Promo Codes

The Codes step defines how your service will enable verified consumers to redeem your offer. It provides the final connection between SheerID and your service.

  • Most customers start with using discount codes, because it doesn’t require any development work and e-commerce checkouts already support the concept. You generate the code(s) from your service - so it is recognized as a valid code - and provide it to SheerID to hand out to verified consumers.
    • The simplest option is a static code, that never changes. However we don’t recommend it because it is an easy target for discount abuse.
    • We recommend generating a batch of single-use codes. In MySheerID, you will upload a simple csv file of your batch of codes.
  • If you have developer resources available, then the smoothest consumer experience is to skip the codes and instead use webhooks and our API. This creates an instant, automated, synchronous communication between SheerID and your service.
    • More information about the account linking reward strategy.
    • Example flow diagram.
    • If you choose to use account linking, then you will want to update the messaging in the Approved (aka Success) step and Approved email notifier to remove mention of discount codes.

Promo Codes

Once you have defined your offer code, click Save to finish creating your program and save the program name, offer name, and description. You are now ready to install your program.

Save Program

You’re almost there. In the Save step, choose a program name, offer name, and an optional description for your new program. These values are for internal use only. Click Save to save your new program.

Save Program

Success: Congratulations! You have created your first test verification program.

Click the Programs icon in the left navigation bar to see a list of your programs. In the next section we will install the verification form on your site.

My Programs

Install Program

Now that you have created a program, it’s ready for testing on your site. Choose your program from the Programs menu and copy the provided code snippet.

Note: The code snippet provided in the SheerID dashboard will generate a Confirm Eligibility link on your site that renders the verification form in a lightbox preview.

Add the snippet to your site wherever you would like to peform a verification.

Install program

For tips on installing this script and adjusting the display method, see Javascript Library Iframe Scripts Tutorial

Conversion Tracking Snippets

Below the main installation snippet, two scripts are provided for tracking conversions of verified users who make purchases on your site. Conversions are reported in your ROI Impact Dashboard

These scripts employ cookies to track a user’s verificationId and then tie it to a later purchase. Several other methods are available for tracking conversions as well. See our Conversion Tracking tutorial to learn more.

Note: Make sure to deploy the first conversion script on the same pages where your verification begins, and the second script on the post-conversion page. Details are provided in the tutorial linked above.

Test Program

When a new program is created and customized, it begins in test mode. Test mode lets you easily simulate the various consumer journeys that may be a part of the verification process.

A program in test mode will clearly say that on the program install page as well as at the top of the rendered form, in a red banner. When you are done testing, push the program live to connect to real data sources and real doc review; your program is then ready for sending consumer traffic to it!

Test Button

Note: It may take a few minutes for recently-made edits to show up in the rendered form

You can test your program flows in two different ways:

  • Install the code snippet into your site and interact with the form there. This is preferred, for end-to-end testing of the consumer journey to see the offer, get verified, and complete the end goal of a purchase or signup.
  • For quick testing of only the verification process, click the See Preview button beneath the code snippet in MySheerID.

Happy Path

  1. Navigate to the page where you are advertising your offer
  2. Open the verification form
  3. Enter any dummy data you want, for testing. Use a real email address though, to receive the email notifiers.
  4. SheerID will simulate an approval. If you’re using a single-use code reward strategy, you will be given one of the real codes.
  5. Check you can successfully apply the discount, to convert to your end goal.

Alternative Paths

Happy Path Flow

  1. Type in REJECTED as the first name to simulate no instant match.

    1. Some orgs and verification types support alternative methods of verification, such as SSO or email loop. If the program and org you entered into the form support one of these methods, you will be taken to that step in the process.

    2. Otherwise, you will see the Doc Upload step and be asked to upload a file proving your eligibility for the offer.

  2. In the Doc Upload step, you have 3 options. Upload the test documents listed below to simulate the different outcomes.

    1. To simulate auto-approval, upload a file with the name approve_sheerID_docReview_testMode.png. Within 20 seconds after submitting the document, you’ll be taken to the Approved step.

    2. To simulate auto-rejection, upload a file with the name reject_sheerID_docReview_testMode.png. Within 20 seconds after submitting the document, you’ll be taken back to the Doc Upload step and be given the chance to try again.

    3. To simulate a doc review scenario (aka Pending), upload a file with the name needs_review_sheerID_docReview_testMode.png. The verification will stay in doc review pending mode.

Looking Up Test Outcomes

If you want to see more information about test verifications, click on the Search tool in the left navigation found within MySheerID. By default, the tool only searches live verifications; to find test mode verifications, add “testing:” as a prefix to the search term. Eg if you started a test verification with the email [email protected] then you would search “testing:[email protected]

Go Live

Once you’re finished creating your program, you can make a request to publish it by clicking the Go Live button beneath the code snippet on your program’s Program page. When you request to Go Live, your program will go into a pending state and you won’t be able to edit it. A member of our Sales team will reach out to assure you have a Master Services Agreement in place, which governs pricing for your account. In addition, our Client Delivery team will review your program, make any necessary edits to finalize it, and then publish it so it goes live for your customers.

Program Review Dialog

Once your program is live in your MySheerID account, it is ready to go into production on your site. Start marketing your Gated offer!

To make future edits, you have 2 options:

  1. For minor changes: Put your program back into test mode briefly, make the updates, and push the program live again when ready. If you take this approach, we suggest you do it in off hours to minimize impact on your customers. The edits will be published immediately, without requiring a pending step.
  2. If your changes are more involved: Copy the program, make your edits, and push the new program live. When ready to publish, swap the program ID on your site from the old ID to the new ID. This will ensure continuity of your live program, so that your customers aren’t blocked at any point from verifying.