Measure the success of your Identity Marketing Programs quickly and easily— all from the MySheerID platform.


The SheerID reporting dashboard is your one-stop shop for your verification tracking data.

To access the dashboard, click the Reporting icon in the left-hand navigation menu. Your initial view is an aggregate picture for all of your programs, including verification and trend visualizations.

Reporting Dashboard


When you first access the dashboard, you will see your total verifications across all programs by result, method, and segment. To view data for a specific offer program, choose the program name from the dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner of the dashboard.

You can also filter the data based on segment, verification results, country, or date. See Filters for details.

Note: All accounts have access to a demo performance dashboard that is populated with simulated data, giving you a feel for the types of data and reports that are available within the performance dashboard. To access the demo dashboard, choose Demo Dashboard from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the Reporting section.


From the main dashboard view, there are several filters that you can apply to drill down into specific programs.

Program Filter

Click the dropdown caret next to Dashboard to view data for a specific offer program. Data for the selected program will be shown, if available.

Program Filter

Advanced Filters

Slice and dice your key metrics by important program attributes including:

  • Segment
  • Program
  • Country
  • Result
  • Campaign

Click Advanced Filters to reveal additional filtering options.

Note: Application of the Campaign filters allows you to slice your verification data based on the values sent for the utm_campaign metadata key. N/A is used for verifications without a value for this metadata key. See Campaign Tracking to learn more about automatically tracking UTM parameters for your program.

Advanced Filters

Date Filter

Click the date picker in the upper right-hand corner to choose a beginning and end date for your report.

Date Filter

Campaign Tracking

To help you see impact of your marketing efforts on verification volumes we provide the following visualizations:

Use this chart to see the ratio and amount of verifications which originated from each of your campaigns, as measured by usage of different values for the utm_campaign metadata key. N/A indicates no value for this key is included with the verification.

Your Campaigns

Daily verifications by Campaign
Use this chart to see how your campaigns performed over time.

Daily Verifications by Campaign

To analyze how your program performs over time, and how changes impact results by comparing verifications, we provide the following data visualizations in the dashboard:

Daily Verifications
See daily verification volume over time.

Daily Verifications

See year-over-year verification volume.

Year Over Year

See month-over-month verification volume.

Month Over Month

To download these data in CSV format for import into your own business intelligence tools, click the Download Report button in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard. Select the relevant date range and click Download Report once again.

You may also choose to receive an email when the report is ready for download.

To search for verification details on a specific customer, click the Search icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

See Search for more information.

Benchmark Reporting

To view your account’s performance compared to others, click More Data at the top of the page and select one of the Benchmark reports.

See Benchmark Reporting for more information.

Legacy Dashboard

To view legacy dashboards such as the Performance Dashboard and ROI Impact Dashboard, click More Data at the top of the page.