March 16 Release

This release includes changes to the reporting on verification results.

In This Release

Verification Results reporting changes

In order to clarify our reporting on verification results, we changed our terminology in MySheerID dashboards and downloadable reports to display Eligible and Ineligible verifications. The terms are defined as:

The individual has been matched against at least one verification source and is verified to be eligible for your offer.
The individual is not currently eligible for your offer because they have not been verified against a verification source.

This change is present in the MySheerID Reporting Dashboard as well as reports viewable from the More Data area in MySheerID. Charts show these new values regardless of geography, program or timeframe chosen. We also added a new column labeled Eligibility to our downloadable reports, which includes these values for each verification. We did not remove the legacy Results column from the reports.

We also published a new piece on Best Practices for reaching all interested consumers. We found that even ineligible consumers expressed strong intent to engage with your brand and shared valuable zero-party data with you.