October 20 Release

This release includes a new reporting feature for tracking marketing campaigns in MySheerID.

In This Release

Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting is a set of features that allows you to see data from the impact of your marketing campaigns on SheerID verification volumes. There are 3 important pieces to campaign reporting:

  1. A program setting which automatically recognizes campaign parameters in verification URLs and stores them with verification requests as metadata
  2. New filters and charts in the MySheerID Dashboard to visualize the data associated with the utm_campaign metadata key
  3. Inclusion of the metadata from any of the 5 main campaign tracking parameters in downloadable reports from MySheerID

All new programs created after today’s release have the Program Setting to enable campaign tracking turned on. You can also turn it on for any existing programs.

Campaign Tracking

Once enabled, include utm_campaign and any other UTM parameters with your URLs and we will store the values with each request. Visit the Reporting section to learn more about how campaign data appears in the MySheerID Dashboard.