September 01 Release

This release includes new movers verification and updates to instructions on how to install your program.

In This Release

New Movers Verification

We can now support gated offers to consumers who have recently moved. New Mover verification allows you to verify the 31 million Americans who move each year. Recent movers, who spend $310 billion annually on retail purchases, represent an important life stage during which many purchases, subscriptions, and investments are necessary.

The New Movers product is able to verify any person who has moved in the last 60 days. Visit or reach out to your customer success manager to add a New Movers offer.

Updated Program Installation Instructions

Within MySheerID, we’ve created a new, separate step for program installation and launch. This provides clear instructions on how to install the program on your website, along with stylized examples on the right side of how each installation option behaves.

Install Methods

To best prepare you for installation and launch we also updated the Program tab with testing instructions. Simply click “Go Live” when you are ready.

Go Live