August 18 Release

This release includes changes to reporting, the announcement of new supported offers in Europe and Canada as well as a new feature related to the Add School Request form.

In This Release

New verification methods in reporting Dashboard

We launched a new, simplified MySheerID verifications dashboard view that features new terminology on the “Verification Method” chart. This chart gives you insight into how quickly your customers are verified after submitting a form. There are now two verification methods included in the chart.

  • Instant Verification: This value includes all verifications that occur automatically in seconds after a form is submitted.
  • Manual Verification: This value includes all verifications that require an individual to manually review a document. Manual Document Review is typically completed within one to two minutes.

Industry Worker Support in Europe & Canada

SheerID clients can now create specialized offers for employees of specific industries in Europe and Canada. We expanded our industry employment verification to 14 additional countries, adding coverage for 190 million European and Canadian workers that can be segmented into over 70 different industries. This is in addition to our existing coverage for 157 million workers in the U.S.. Some examples of available industries for verification are:

  • Construction
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] if you are interested.

Add School Request Notifications

Consumers who submit an Add School Request are now notified via email when their request is approved. The email alerts the student or teacher that their school or institution is now eligible for the requested offer, and contains a link back to the verification form. This closes the loop with consumers waiting for an Add School Request to be processed and re-engages those who are now eligible for an offer.

New PII Parameters in reporting endpoint

In this release, we laid the groundwork for requiring additional parameters to receive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in reports requested through the 2.0 API report endpoint. If you have the permissions to access consumer PII you may optionally include "isPiiIncluded": true and "piiReason": "PII reason here". If isPiiIncluded": true then a piiReason must be included or the request will result in an error. We recommend beginning to use these fields now as preparation for the day when they are required. The change to make these fields required will be communicated via email and in a future release note on this site.