August 04 Release

This release features new install scripts in MySheerID, a new capability in the Customer Service Search tool as well as a change to the data returned by the Details endpoint.

In This Release

New install scripts in MySheerID

We added new content to the install step in MySheerID, giving you more guidance on all the supported options for installing a program on your website. Scripts and instructions for a modal, embedded iframe and new page are included.

Embedded Page Install

Purge PII capability in Customer Service Search tool

With this release we made it possible for you to purge a consumer’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the Customer Service Search tool in MySheerID. Privacy regulations dictate that consumers have the right to request that their data be removed and this capability assists you in honoring those requests. Any of your users with the Customer Service Manager role can now locate a request and click “Purge PII“ to initiate a request to purge that consumer’s data and documents. We also log the user’s information and the datetime of the request for audit purposes and display that information with the request as confirmation that the data purge request was received.

Purge Pii Button

Additional data returned by Details endpoint

At the request of several of you, we added additional data to the details endpoint, which is used to retrieve information about individual requests via the API. The confirmedSegments section now supplies data such as the segment, organization and segment-specific data such as someone’s military status, start date and end date.