July 21 Release

This release features changes to cloning behavior, how a program operates in Test Mode as well as a new permission related to the customer service search tool

In This Release

Easier program cloning

You can now use MySheerID to fully clone a program for either the same consumer community or a new one. Any edits to text, colors, emails, and advanced settings are copied over to the cloned program. To access the feature, hover over the 3 dot menu on the My Programs page. This makes it much easier for you to launch programs for multiple segments, since you don’t have to manually recreate any customizations every time.

Clone Program

Updated Test Mode behavior

We updated how programs operate when in Test Mode. If there are codes present on the program, a code will be given out. This will make it easier for you to test the full end-to-end consumer journey of seeing the offer, getting successfully verified, and then applying the offer to a purchase.

The marketing consent checkbox is now turned on by default for all new programs. This helps you gather explicit permission to be able to market to and re-engage all your consumers who fill in your verification form. The feature can be turned off in MySheerID by going to the program’s advanced settings.

New customer service search permission

At the request of clients we added a new “Customer Service Specialist” permission which controls whether users have access to view and download documents from the Customer Service Search tool. The ability to view and download documents is granted to all Customer Service Managers as well. This new permission was assigned to all current users with the Customer Service permission. Admins can remove this permission if they choose in MySheerID.

Updated documentation

We updated this site with new content on the following topics: