June 23 Release

This release features a new reward strategy, more student coverage on new programs as well as the ability to capture a reason for PII inclusion in reports.

In This Release

Account Linking in MySheerID

Many of you have reported that you prefer to automatically link verification success to your account management platform instead of supplying consumers with a coupon code. We now support a new reward strategy we call “Account Linking” in MySheerID to support this use case. It includes a “No Code” option when a program is created to eliminate the need to upload and disperse codes. When a consumer is successfully verified they can be redirected to your site and no code is displayed.

Finish Account Signup

Updated default student subsegments

To maximize reach of your new student programs created in MySheerID we expanded the student populations included by default. As can be viewed in Program Settings / Eligible Subsegments all college students, trade school students and high school students are included. There is also an option to add high school students headed to college.

Expanded Eligible Subsegments

PII controls in downloadable reports

We’ve upgraded our reporting to help you better protect your consumers’ data privacy. By default, downloadable reports from MySheerID will not include Personally Identifying Information (PII) unless specifically requested. If a user has the “Consumer PII” permission, they can request PII but must supply a reason. If a user does not have permission to view PII they will see “No PII” as the only option.

PII Control