May 26 Release

This release includes updates to how custom programs appear in MySheerID and new designs for several reports.

In This Release

Updated Presentation of Custom Programs

Some SheerID clients have custom hosted programs built by our Client Delivery team. In the past these programs were listed in MySheerID but they could not be selected from the list of programs. We updated the presentation of these custom programs to provide more detail about them while reminding you that they are custom and editing is not supported in MySheerID. Custom programs are now listed with a lock icon and the text “custom program”.

Program List

These custom programs can now be selected and opened, to see and use

  • The programID
  • The live mode / test mode toggle
  • A helpful link about how to install SheerID iframes
  • The conversion tracking installation code snippet

Install Script

New Report Designs

We refreshed the design of the additional dashboards made available in the More Data area of MySheerID, including the Performance Dashboard, ROI Impact and Segment Drill Down. These updated reports also include performance improvements for faster load times.

Performance Dashboard