April 28 Release

This cycle we bring you new email settings updates, additional end-user support and a simple new tool to reset person limits.

In This Release

All new programs get reminder and max attempt emails

In our March 31 release we introduced a simple reminder email to re-engage consumers who abandoned the verification process. It is sent to any consumer who filled in the verification form but did not complete the process within 15 minutes. This email is now enabled by default on new programs.

Also now available by default on new programs is a maximum attempts reached emails, which is triggered if the consumer fails document review 3 times. These and other email notifiers are editable in MySheerID, under a program’s advanced settings.

Example document images added to Help Center

We continue to seek new ways to help consumers get successfully verified. Some people are highly visual, so in our Help Center we added images of acceptable documents. Any consumer looking for information about how to get approved via document review can see these helpful, segment-specific examples.

Reset offer limits in Customer Service Search tool

Thanks to your feedback we made it easy for your customer support teams to enable additional verification attempts for consumers previously blocked by anti-fraud measures. Users of the customer search tool in MySheerID can now simply reset the offer limits for a given consumer by clicking the “Reset” button under “Reset Person Limits”.