April 14 Release

This release includes new methods for ending a SheerID offer as well as an updated consumer tribes page in MySheerID.

In This Release

Limited Quantity Offers

In response to your feedback about best practices for ending your SheerID offer we have updated the methods available to do so. This will help in cases where you may want to run a pilot to try out a new type of program, limit offers to make a program more exclusive, or simply have a limited supply of rewards.

We now support the following methods for ending an offer:

Capping total rewards given away. This functionality is enabled by default, if you’re using a reward pool of single-use coupon codes. When all the codes are gone the program is effectively paused. To re-activate, simply upload more reward codes.

Setting an offer deadline. Send a request to [email protected] to set your program to turn off on a specific day and time, or turn your program off for any other reason.

Visit the Program Settings page to learn more.

Updated MySheerID consumer tribes page

Within MySheerID, we wanted to do a better job of communicating our consumer tribe capabilities. So we made some enhancements to the Select a Segment page:

  1. Added cards for our newest tribes: identity and professional licenses
  2. Made it clearer which tribes and countries are “Available for immediate launch” vs “Requires SheerID services”. The ones available for immediate launch can be created and fully configured within MySheerID.
  3. Added links to learn more information about each tribe. In particular, we now provide helpful marketing tips.

MySheerID Card Update

Clicking on learn more links to tribe-specific content

Military Marketing