March 31 Release

This release includes two new features which help maximize the chances that consumers get verified.

In This Release

New emails to remind consumers to finish verifying

In this release we are introducing a simple mechanism to re-engage consumers who abandoned the verification process, regardless of where they were in the process. We now send them a reminder email, to finish verifying.

Reminder Email

To turn these emails on for your program, contact [email protected].

Professionals Verification

As part of our effort to expand our verification services to hundreds of consumer tribes, we have launched Professionals verification in the United States. With this new product, we are able to verify professionals in any industry that requires licensure or certification from a state board. In all, we can now verify 10+ million licensed professionals across 142 license types and certifications in the US. You can use this to make offers exclusive to pros relevant to your brand, or include several license types for a more inclusive offer. Some examples of newly enabled consumer tribes are:

  • Cosmetologists and Estheticians
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Physical Therapists
  • Pilots
  • Interior Designers
  • + 137 others

For more detailed information on Professionals verification, please contact your Account Executive.

Improved email loop with domain validation method

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our user experience and simplify implementations we updated our email loop with domain validation feature. This feature allows consumers to verify by clicking a link in an email we send after validating that their email domain matches with the organization they selected in the verification form. Use it to maximize coverage by complementing authoritative and SSO methods, or as a stand-alone verification method for segments or locations that lack authoritative source coverage. We also added the ability for a user to skip this step if they are unable to receive the email. These users proceed to the document upload step to complete the process.