March 17 Release

This release expands our capabilities around identity verification and includes the launch of an updated Help Center for consumers.

In This Release

Expanded Identity Verification

In this release we continue the expansion of our services beyond consumer tribe verification. Our identity verification products help you gain confidence that the data being provided by consumers matches real identity data by checking with state databases or other high assurance sources. Our identity product suite now includes:

  • Driver’s license verification in all 50 states plus District of Columbia
  • General identity verification which validates personal details without use of a driver’s license
  • An identity verification add-on which can be enabled on an existing program which targets a specific consumer tribe

Whether a standalone identity program or an addition to one of your existing programs, identity verification provides valuable protection for highly sought-after offers which may attract fraudsters. For more detailed information on Identity verification, please contact your Account Executive.

Updated Consumer Help Center

To improve the speed of resolution of consumer issues related to completing the verification process we launched an updated Consumer Help Center. As of today, all English-language links in our Frequently Asked Question pages redirect to this new experience. These links appear in the “How does verifying work?” tooltip as well as the footer of verification forms. The new Help Center allows consumers to:

  • Request an email be re-sent. If we sent the consumer an email with a reward code or details about a document being rejected, these can be re-sent on demand.
  • Get linked directly to your help site. If a consumer needs help beyond what SheerID provides, we can point them in your direction.
  • Read updated FAQ content. Including concise answers to the most popular questions and new images of acceptable documents.

Help Center Menu

Healthcare Coverage for Switzerland

We now support instant verification of Healthcare Workers from Switzerland. This capability now exists in 6 European countries: Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Support Ticket flag in Customer Service Search tool

We’ve added a new button in the Customer Service Search tool to mark when a verification is associated in answering a consumer support ticket. This is available for you to use, and our support team members will also mark verifications associated with support tickets we receive. This will help us further dissect the root causes of support tickets.

New Support Ticket Button