March 3 Release

This release provides a new experience around limited-quantity offers.

In This Release

New functionality for limited-quantity offers

With this release we are introducing a new type of offer that includes a cap on the number of verified customers. This allows you to create a program with the assurance that only the number of verified consumers you have specified can qualify. For example, if you only want to give away 10,000 free make-up kits or meals, the program will stop once 10,000 people have been verified for it. Once that number is reached, the offer will no longer accept new submissions. To help consumers know they may need to act fast, we include the number of offers remaining on the verification form.

Limited Offer

To better accommodate locating verifications from people with more than a single first name and a single surname we updated the search capability in our Customer Service Search tool to return results for name searches that include any number of words.

New TLS Certificate Authority

Effective April 2, 2021, SheerID will no longer use SSL wildcard certificates for several of our subdomains. We will also have a new certificate authority provider. See TLS Certificates for details.