January 6, 2021 Release

Our first release of 2021 introduces new Benchmark Reporting as well as a new way to authenticate to MySheerID.

In This Release

Benchmark Reporting

A common question we receive from you is “how am I doing versus other companies?” To answer, we are launching two new Benchmark reports in MySheerID. Comparative metrics are provided wherever we have statistically significant samples of clients for a particular consumer tribe and industry. Ranges of sample sizes are clearly provided and no one’s membership in any sample is ever provided to any other client of SheerID.

Benchmarking Overview

The initial product rollout will be gradual and we will publish 2020 data as we complete gathering it. To view the reports, visit the “More Data” tab in the Reporting area of MySheerID. There are two possible reports you may see. Which ones we provide are determined by the consumer tribes you target and your industry:

  • The Consumer Tribe Benchmark report compares your data vs a large sample of accounts targeting the same consumer tribe. For example, all other accounts with a Student program.
  • The Industry Benchmark report compares your data to a smaller sample of accounts in the same industry who target the same consumer tribe. For example, all other Apparel companies with a Military program.

Each report includes an identical set of charts which provide comparative metrics on your account’s performance. To learn more about the charts, click here or watch a short introductory video on our YouTube channel.

Single-Sign-On access to MySheerID

By request, we added the ability to enable your MySheerID account for single-sign-on (SSO) access using your corporate credentials. This adds a layer of security, in particular if you have a large number of MySheerID users or have new users being added and removed regularly. By using this new feature, once an employee’s SSO login access is removed by your company, they no longer have a way to login to MySheerID either. If enabled we will provide you with a special URL to login to MySheerID, which directs your users to your corporate login page to enter their username and password. Only after successfully completing that step is MySheerID access granted.

Because there are many different login protocols, there is some SheerID effort to enable each account to use this new feature. If you are interested in using SSO to login to MySheerID, please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected].

Expiration webhook support

To support those of you wanting to know when the verification window is closed for a consumer we added a new webhook which fires when a verification’s expiration time is reached. This helps you know that no result was determined for the consumer during the verification’s active period, which defaults to 7 days. This webhook must be configured by our Client Delivery team, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] if you are interested.