December 9, 2020 Release

Our last release of 2020 featured some minor changes to our JavaScript Library, REST API and Add School Request Form.

In This Release

Removed timeout on document upload step

To assist consumers uploading large files over a slower connection we modified our JavaScript Library to remove the client-side timeout on the document upload step. This will improve the experience of those users who need extra time for their document upload to complete.

Expanded use of the invalid organization error in REST API

We added server-side validation logic to enforce rules around what organizations are supported on a program. If a check of whether an organization is permitted fails, a 400 “InvalidOrganization” error id is returned by the API.

Added new language support to JavaScript Library

As part of our continued internationalization efforts we added support for Thai, Lao and Irish languages to the JavaScript Library.

Updated copy+paste functionality in Add School Request Form

A main goal of the Add School Request form is allowing users to discover that their school is in fact eligible and return to the verification form and complete the process. To facilitate this, we modified how the copy functionality of schools from the Add School Request form works by removing any parenthetical geographical text that appears after the institution’s name. This makes it easier to find the school when the text is pasted into a verification form.