October 28 Release

This release includes a new API for submitting Add School requests.

In This Release

Add School Request API

We continue to improve and optimize our process around collecting and researching add school requests. In July we added the ability to launch the Add School Request form directly from typeahead organization search results. Today we added a new API for those of you who want to build your own Add School Request form.

The API features endpoints which provide you with the ability to build a form that searches for schools by domain and name and displays lists of schools marked eligible or ineligible. Like our Add School Request form, the API returns results based on the eligibility rules set by your program’s configuration. For instance, ineligible high schools will be marked as such if you only support university students. The API also includes an endpoint to submit an add school request.

To learn more, read our tutorial. If you would like to take advantage of this new API, please inform us by contacting [email protected].