October 14 Release

This release provides new Bundle reporting in MySheerID and a small change to the confirmation for archiving a program.

In This Release

Bundle Reporting in MySheerID

Today we are launching a new Bundle report which tracks your verification volume against your purchased bundles. It is available on the Bundles tab in the Settings area of MySheerID (see image below) and can be viewed by the person who created your account as well as any users with the Reporter permission. The report shows any active bundles on your account and the amount of verifications remaining, along with the relevant dates for the bundle. This helps you monitor your usage so you can purchase your next bundle should you start to run low. If you have already purchased another bundle it will appear in the report, labeled “Next Bundle”.

Bundle Report

Remaining verifications are counted using the same mechanism as the reporting Dashboard in MySheerID and will be updated 2-3 times per day and reflect all verifications older than 4 hours.

Note: This initial version of Bundle tracking is available to all clients who have purchased bundles and use standard billing rules.

If you have questions about why you may not have Bundle reporting please contact your customer success manager or email [email protected].

New text on the Archive program confirmation

Archived programs are not included in the default view in the MySheerID reporting Dashboard. To see them, you must select “All Programs, including Archived” from the Programs filter. To clarify this we added a note to the confirmation modal shown when you choose to archive a program in MySheerID.

Archive Confirmation Modal