September 30 Release

This release expands our re-engagement email capabilities and includes a change to the Add School Request form.

In This Release

Multiple Re-engagement email support

In response to your feedback we expanded the number of re-engagement emails you can send. Instead of a single email to the consumers who don’t submit the documents required to verify, we can configure your program to send up to three reminders, at different intervals. At each defined interval–for example 15, 120 and 360 minutes–we check to see if any consumers have reached the Doc Upload step but not yet submitted a document. Any consumers that we identify are sent an email reminding them to finish verifying. To utilize re-engagement emails, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].

Add School Request Form country filter change

The Add School Request form includes a country selector in order to show users what countries are supported by the program it supports. Before this release the eligible and ineligible school results would include schools supported by the program, even if they were not located in the chosen country. With this release those lists are filtered by the country selector, so only schools in the chosen country will be listed as eligible or ineligible.