September 16 Release

This release includes the addition of a new webhook option and another enhancement to the Customer Service Search tool in MySheerID.

In This Release

Re-engagement webhook

In December 2019 we launched Re-engagement emails for document upload. If a consumer reaches the Doc Upload step but doesn’t submit any documents within 15 minutes (time frame configurable), we send that consumer an email reminding them to finish verifying. In this release we extended this feature to include a webhook option if you want to be notified that a reminder is due but want to send the emails yourself. To utilize this webhook or the re-engagement emails, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].

Review Language in Customer Service Search tool

At times a consumer may upload a document that does not match the locale they use for browsing. Because we want to be as specific as possible about the language of the document, which affects expectations for document review times, we now include the document’s language in the Customer Service Search tool. Look for the language next to the document link in the History section of the tool.

Review Language