August 5 Release

This release includes new Privacy Compliance features and an improved method for customizing the style of your SheerID programs.

In This Release

New Privacy Compliance Features

We’ve added new features to assist you with compliance with privacy laws. First, we added a new Privacy Policy link to the footer of all new verification forms created in MySheerID. By default this points to a new SheerID Privacy Policy we created for users of our verification services.

ABC Company Footer

Secondly, you may prefer to direct consumers to your own Privacy Policy, so we provide the ability to change the URL of the Privacy Policy link in MySheerID. Visit the Program Settings page in our Developer Center to learn more:

Privacy in Program Settings

Finally, we now capture the privacy language users consent to when they verify, to ensure compliance with various privacy and security protocols. If you have a Privacy Policy link in your program’s footer we not only capture the exact footer language but also make that available in our Customer Service Search tool.

PP in CSS Tool

Updated Custom CSS Editor

We overhauled the Custom CSS feature in MySheerID, giving you more flexibility to apply your own styling to your programs. Improvements include:

  • Easier inspection of individual elements
  • CSS code samples in comments ready to go
  • Syntax highlighting and validation
  • An improved tooltip

To view these upgrades, visit the “Theme” tab on one of your programs and select the “Custom CSS” tab. On that tab we’ve included some code samples to help you get started making CSS changes both generally and to specific pages of your form. Simply uncomment them and use the Preview pane to view your changes.

CSS Samples