July 22 Release

This release includes support for a redirect URL with metadata plus two changes to organization search, including linking to our Add School Request form.

In This Release

Metadata in Redirect URL support in MySheerID

MySheerID users can now add metadata to redirect URLs. The redirect URL is where consumers land on your website after getting approved and clicking on a link from your verification form or a success email. We’ve helped customers include pertinent information about these consumers in these URLs, such as their coupon code or verificationID, but wanted to provide the ability for our clients to manage this themselves.

To use this feature visit the Program Settings page and toggle the Redirect URL setting to “on”. You can assign up to ten keys and associated variables to include in your redirect URL. VerificationID and rewardCode are available by default and any other metadata set in the Metadata Options for the program can also be assigned to a key. Whatever keys and values are configured in this setting automatically get appended to the redirect URL for your program.

Metadata In Redirect URL

Earlier this year we launched our latest Add School Request to help students or teachers who do not see their school when completing a verification form. It gives them a second chance to search and find their school by website and name and return to your form ready to proceed. Or submit a request to add their school to our list if needed.

In this release we made it even easier to get to the Add School Request form by including a link right from the school name search. Any school name that results in 5 or fewer results automatically includes a link “Don’t see your school? Request to have it added.” Clicking the link opens an Add School Request form specific to that program in a new tab.

Add School Request Link

Add School Request Form

Enforcing Eligible Organizations in 2.0 API

We now check that the organizationIDs submitted to 2.0 API programs match the eligibility rules of the program. This assures that the consumer doesn’t need to upload a document that will never get approved due to an organization mismatch. The API returns the recoverable invalidOrganization error if the organization is not allowed.