July 8 Release

This release includes support for new fraud protections as well as a method for replacing reward codes for a program.

In This Release

Adaptive Fraud Protection Support

We’ve launched our new Adaptive Fraud Protection which adds the ability to adapt our responses to suspicious activity. Rather than always blocking verifications in cases of obvious fraud we created a new technique that routes the verification based on fraud suspicion metrics. For example, your program will start asking for additional information to prove a user’s eligibility if our metrics point to potential fraud. If you use SMS Loop with Adaptive Fraud Protection we can make the user complete that flow. Or we can route them to upload a document. Or both, depending on the level of suspicion.

Adaptive Fraud Protection is a free service available to all customers. If you are worried about the potential for fraud on your program, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected] about adding SMS support as an additional protection measure.

Adaptive Fraud Protection

Replace Existing Reward Codes in MySheerID

Some of you have asked to upload a whole new set of reward codes on your program, such as when you change the discount people receive. Before this release our staff would have to assist with swapping out the new set with what was already present on the program. Now MySheerID offers the ability to add new codes which replace your existing set. Simply select “Replace my Codes” when uploading Single-Use codes and the new codes will be used instead of any codes still remaining on your program.