June 24 Release

This release includes support for more Canadian offers and an improvement to one of our conversion tracking methods.

In This Release

Canadian Military and First Responder Support

You asked us to support your heroes programs in Canada so we added support for military and first responder to the medical support we already offer. We can now create offers for you with Canada as a country option for all three segments. Military offers cover all branches of the Canadian military. First Responder programs feature a list of Canadian Police, Firefighter and EMT organizations, with support for users adding their own if needed.

For more detailed information on Canadian programs, please contact your Account Executive.

![Canadian Military](/assets/images/canadian-military.png ‘’){:class=””}

Cross subdomain support for conversion tracking cookies

Conversion Tracking is a key pillar for tracking the ROI of your SheerID programs. We’ve improved our Simple Method of Conversion Tracking to support those of you which have our verification form hosted on a different subdomain than your checkout page, for example verify.brand.com and shop.brand.com. We updated the cookie we use for to support this cross subdomain use case. To learn more about this and all our Conversion Tracking methods, visit our tutorial in the Developer Center.