June 10 Release

This release includes default support for Post-Secondary students, Email Loop support and updates to the search tool in MySheerID.

In This Release

Post-Secondary Student Support in MySheerID

We’ve made it easier for you to include students beyond the typical college student in your offers. Students at trade or vocational schools, which we call Post-Secondary schools, are now enabled by default for new Student programs in MySheerID. Post-secondary refers to any school over the 12th-grade level that doesn’t grant degrees. MySheerID program admins can manage this feature in the Program Settings section of their student program(s).

Eligible Subsegments

Email Loop support in 2.0

Sometimes you want extra confirmation that the email addresses you receive belong to the person being verified. We’ve added an Email Loop feature to our 2.0 product which delivers an email to the address provided to confirm that the user owns it. When enabled the user clicks on a link in the email to complete the process, or they can enter a code sent in the email into your form. We can also check that the email address belongs to an accepted domain name for the organization.

Anyone using our latest 2.0 API and/or JavaScript Library can now enable this. To turn enable Email Loop, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].

Email Loop

Search Tool updates

To make it easier for you to share Reference URLs we now include the full URL in the Customer Service Search tool in MySheerID. These URLs help consumers resume the verification process or see a reward that was provided to them. Even if the display is truncated due to the length, the copy icon to the right of the URL copies the full path for easy sharing with a consumer.

We also updated the Customer Service Search tool to only display the time an SMS or Email notification was sent to the user. Previously these times would update based on further actions by the recipient.