April 2 Release

Take a tour of the new SheerID Reporting Dashboard.

In This Release

New Reporting Dashboard

We’ve launched a brand new dashboard in MySheerID which makes it faster and easier to view data on the success of your programs. The features include:

  • Much faster loading overall
  • Rapid updates when you apply filters
  • Advanced filters, to combine programs, segments and results
  • All geographies (US & International) in one report
  • Year-over-year trend chart

Reporting Dashboard

If you need some time to transition to the new style, the old reporting is still available under a “More Data” dropdown menu. See our Reporting Dashboard section for details.

We upgraded the search tool that you use to support consumers. It provides full verification details, plus actions to resolve support issues, such as re-sending lost verification emails. This powerful tool now has its own section in MySheerID:

Customer Search

We undertook a full redesign of the tool to support key enhancement requests, such as the ability to see more data on each request and see all the actions organized together. Each request now displays any relevant metadata, organization country, program name and ID, plus request expiration time; and all notifications, whether email, SMS or webhook. See the Search section of the Developer Center to learn more.

Search Detail