February 19 Release

This release brings you two new SMS enhancements and ProDeal membership support.

In This Release

SMS Loop Fraud Prevention

You now have the option of adding SMS Loop validation to any 2.0 programs as a way to fight discount abuse. When your customers provide their mobile number (along with other required information) in order to verify, they will receive an SMS message with a 6-digit code to enter in this part of the verification form:

SMS Loop Fraud Prevention

This assures that the person verifying actually possesses the mobile device with the number they provided, which makes our Same Person Limits more effective.

For information on pricing, please contact your Account Executive.

SMS Notifications for Document Approval

To help you convert more verified users into customers, our platform allows you to send an SMS message to notify users when their uploaded documents are approved (US only).

This is now available to all US self-service customers. You can enable this by going into your Program Settings and turning it on. The phone number field will automatically appear on your hosted verification form, and the UI lets you adjust the text of your message:

SMS Notifier