January 8, 2020 Release

New "Add School" form, org search optimizations, SMS field and new API reference!

In This Release

New Add School Request Form

This release marks an improvement to the user experience when a student or teacher can’t find their school in our verification forms. We have built an entirely new Add School Request form which maximizes verifications by giving consumers a second chance to find the right school. Users can search by website URL in addition to name to improve their chances of finding a match. If successful, users can copy the exact name to use, go back and proceed to verify their status.

The form is also intelligent, so if we do find their school, but that school type is not eligible for the offer (e.g., it’s a vocational school, and the offer is only for university students) it provides that feedback to the user. This improves the user experience by providing immediate feedback and a clear resolution to their inquiry.

This form can be added by SheerID’s Client Delivery team to new and existing Student and Teacher programs.

Add School Request

We have rebuilt our organization search capability to ensure fast performance no matter where people are in the world. Our 2.0 products now use search endpoints distributed in data centers across the globe to minimize search response times. We also made improvements to the accuracy and presentation of search results. Exact matches rise to the top, and common words like “University of” carry less weight, while unique words such as Wrexham Glyndŵr get priority.

These enhancements are applied to all programs supported in MySheerID. See our Organization Search Tutorial to learn more.

SMS and Phone Number Collection

To better reach consumers who prefer SMS to email, we have added support for SMS notifications to the 2.0 API for all segments. For users of our hosted solutions, when the Client Delivery team adds an SMS notifier to your program, an optional mobile number field will appear on the verification form. For more detailed information on pricing, please contact your Account Executive.

Collect SMS Number

New REST API Reference

Based on feedback from both internal and external developers we launched a new UI for our REST API reference. The familiar 3-column layout and in-page search lets you quickly locate the endpoints and properties you are looking for. We also made improvements to our API spec to better organize our endpoints and improve discoverability.