October 4 Release

This release brings a few minor configuration updates.

In This Release

Toggle between Pending and Test Mode in MySheerID

When you are ready to Go Live with your program, it goes from Test Mode to Pending, while you wait for final review from SheerID staff prior to pushing it live.

In this release, we added the ability for you to toggle your programs between Pending and Test in case you decide that your program needs further editing. Just click the “Return to Test” option from your pending program.

Employment Offer Support

We now support Employment offers in our 2.0 API and JavaScript Library.

To learn more, see the Employee Verification page on our corporate website.

Configuration of Military Organizations

In response to your feedback we added the ability to configure which military organizations are used for offers in MySheerID. Previously the non-armed services organizations (NOAA and PHSCC) were included in all self-service programs and could not be removed. These organizations are now excluded by default on all new programs, including those launched via MySheerID. Any MySheerID military program can now be configured to include them. Talk to your customer success manager to enable them.