July 10 Release

In our July 10 release we made a significant upgrade to our email workflow and added Marketing Consent and more!

In This Release

Major update to email notifications in MySheerID

This release marks a major upgrade to approval and rejection emails sent through programs created in MySheerID. Emails now:

  • Have fully editable text
  • Inherit theming from the forms (logo, font, color choices)
  • Boast new, default copy reflecting best practices
  • Include a button with redirectUrl (if specified)

This change is available on all new MySheerID programs going forward.

Here is an example of the new UI:


Compared to the previous experience:

Previous Email UI

Many of our customers ask permission to market to verified consumers on their verification forms, providing a checkbox to opt in. Some of you want to make consent to future marketing a condition of granting access to a promotion.

Today, we added an advanced setting for Marketing Consent, giving you the ability to:

  • Enable a marketing consent checkbox in your verification form
  • Make it an optional or required field
  • Edit the exact language the consumer is agreeing to

This feature is available with all new MySheerID programs created after this release, under Program Settings »» Marketing Consent.

Marketing Consent Card

See Marketing Consent to learn more.

Verifications searchable by phone number

We enhanced the customer service search tool within MySheerID to enable search on phone numbers. This adds to pre-existing search on name, email or verificationID. This is available on all programs (0.5 and 2.0, new and existing) for which a phone number is collected:

Phone Search

Change to minimum age for verification

In order to comply with EU and California regulations, we are eliminating verification for people under age 16. This is a platform change and affects all segments and all geographies. For customers using our master templates and hosted solutions the exact user experience will vary but either the consumer will not have an option to choose a birth year outside the allowable range, or see an error message if they do. For API customers, the APIs will return an error if a birth date for a person under 16 years old is submitted.