Release Notes

SheerID release notes & announcements. Watch this space for the latest updates.

January 6, 2021 Release

In This Release

Benchmark Reporting

A common question we receive from you is “how am I doing versus other companies?” To answer, we are launching two new Benchmark reports in MySheerID. Comparative metrics are provided wherever we have statistically significant samples of clients for a particular consumer tribe and industry. Following industry best practices around benchmarking, all sample sizes are clearly provided and no one’s membership in any sample is ever provided to any other client of SheerID.

Benchmarking Overview

The initial product rollout will be gradual and we will publish 2020 data as we complete gathering it. We intend to begin adding reports to accounts beginning in the next several days. To view the reports, visit the “More Data” tab in the Reporting area of MySheerID. There are two possible reports you may see. Which ones we provide are determined by the consumer tribes you target and your industry:

  • The Consumer Tribe Benchmark report compares your data vs a large sample of accounts targeting the same consumer tribe. For example, all other accounts with a Student program.
  • The Industry Benchmark report compares your data to a smaller sample of accounts in the same industry who target the same consumer tribe. For example, all other Apparel companies with a Military program.

Each report includes an identical set of charts which provide comparative metrics on your account’s performance. To learn more about the charts, click here or watch a short introductory video on our YouTube channel.

Single-Sign-On access to MySheerID

By request, we added the ability to enable your MySheerID account for single-sign-on (SSO) access using your corporate credentials. This adds a layer of security, in particular if you have a large number of MySheerID users or have new users being added and removed regularly. By using this new feature, once an employee’s SSO login access is removed by your company, they no longer have a way to login to MySheerID either. If enabled we will provide you with a special URL to login to MySheerID, which directs your users to your corporate login page to enter their username and password. Only after successfully completing that step is MySheerID access granted.

Because there are many different login protocols, there is some SheerID effort to enable each account to use this new feature. If you are interested in using SSO to login to MySheerID, please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected].

Expiration webhook support

To support those of you wanting to know when the verification window is closed for a consumer we added a new webhook which fires when a verification’s expiration time is reached. This helps you know that no result was determined for the consumer during the verification’s active period, which defaults to 7 days. This webhook must be configured by our Client Delivery team, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] if you are interested.

December 9, 2020 Release

In This Release

Removed timeout on document upload step

To assist consumers uploading large files over a slower connection we modified our Javascript Library to remove the client-side timeout on the document upload step. This will improve the experience of those users who need extra time for their document upload to complete.

Expanded use of the invalid organization error in REST API

We added server-side validation logic to enforce rules around what organizations are supported on a program. If a check of whether an organization is permitted fails, a 400 “InvalidOrganization” error id is returned by the API.

Added new language support to Javascript Library

As part of our continued internationalization efforts we added support for Thai, Lao and Irish languages to the Javascript Library.

Updated copy+paste functionality in Add School Request Form

A main goal of the Add School Request form is allowing users to discover that their school is in fact eligible and return to the verification form and complete the process. To facilitate this, we modified how the copy functionality of schools from the Add School Request form works by removing any parenthetical geographical text that appears after the institution’s name. This makes it easier to find the school when the text is pasted into a verification form.

October 28 Release

In This Release

Add School Request API

We continue to improve and optimize our process around collecting and researching add school requests. In July we added the ability to launch the Add School Request form directly from typeahead organization search results. Today we added a new API for those of you who want to build your own Add School Request form.

The API features endpoints which provide you with the ability to build a form that searches for schools by domain and name and displays lists of schools marked eligible or ineligible. Like our Add School Request form, the API returns results based on the eligibility rules set by your program’s configuration. For instance, ineligible high schools will be marked as such if you only support university students. The API also includes an endpoint to submit an add school request.

To learn more, read our tutorial. If you would like to take advantage of this new API, please inform us by contacting [email protected].

October 14 Release

In This Release

Bundle Reporting in MySheerID

Today we are launching a new Bundle report which tracks your verification volume against your purchased bundles. It is available on the Bundles tab in the Settings area of MySheerID (see image below) and can be viewed by the person who created your account as well as any users with the Reporter permission. The report shows any active bundles on your account and the amount of verifications remaining, along with the relevant dates for the bundle. This helps you monitor your usage so you can purchase your next bundle should you start to run low. If you have already purchased another bundle it will appear in the report, labeled “Next Bundle”.

Bundle Report

Remaining verifications are counted using the same mechanism as the reporting Dashboard in MySheerID and will be updated 2-3 times per day and reflect all verifications older than 8 hours.

Note: This initial version of Bundle tracking is available to all clients who have purchased bundles and use standard billing rules.

If you have questions about why you may not have Bundle reporting please contact your customer success manager or email [email protected].

New text on the Archive program confirmation

Archived programs are not included in the default view in the MySheerID reporting Dashboard. To see them, you must select “All Programs, including Archived” from the Programs filter. To clarify this we added a note to the confirmation modal shown when you choose to archive a program in MySheerID.

Archive Confirmation Modal

September 30 Release

In This Release

Multiple Re-engagement email support

In response to your feedback we expanded the number of re-engagement emails you can send. Instead of a single email to the consumers who don’t submit the documents required to verify, we can configure your program to send up to three reminders, at different intervals. At each defined interval–for example 15, 120 and 360 minutes–we check to see if any consumers have reached the Doc Upload step but not yet submitted a document. Any consumers that we identify are sent an email reminding them to finish verifying. To utilize re-engagement emails, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].

Add School Request Form country filter change

The Add School Request form includes a country selector in order to show users what countries are supported by the program it supports. Before this release the eligible and ineligible school results would include schools supported by the program, even if they were not located in the chosen country. With this release those lists are filtered by the country selector, so only schools in the chosen country will be listed as eligible or ineligible.

September 16 Release

In This Release

Re-engagement webhook

In December 2019 we launched Re-engagement emails for document upload. If a consumer reaches the Doc Upload step but doesn’t submit any documents within 15 minutes (time frame configurable), we send that consumer an email reminding them to finish verifying. In this release we extended this feature to include a webhook option if you want to be notified that a reminder is due but want to send the emails yourself. To utilize this webhook or the re-engagement emails, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].

Review Language in Customer Service Search tool

At times a consumer may upload a document that does not match the locale they use for browsing. Because we want to be as specific as possible about the language of the document, which affects expectations for document review times, we now include the document’s language in the Customer Service Search tool. Look for the language next to the document link in the History section of the tool.

Review Language

September 2 Release

In This Release

Added the Registered Military Dependent option to MySheerID

Verifying the family of military members, known as Registered Military Dependents, has always been possible with the help of our staff. Now we’ve made it easier to do this yourselves in MySheerID. While this subsegment is not included by default it can be added to any new military program. Program admins can use the Program Settings section of their military program(s) to include Registered Military Dependents in their offer.

Subsegments Military

August 19 Release

In This Release

Include Archived programs with Active in Dashboard

We received feedback that some customers wanted a single report that included all their active programs as well as past programs which they had archived. So we improved the filter UX to make it easier to choose which of your programs to include. We changed the menu item “All My Programs” to read “All Active Programs”. This remains the default selection. We added another option called “All Programs including Archived”. Choosing that option returns data for all your programs, active or not, for the selected date range.

All Programs Including Archived

August 5 Release

In This Release

New Privacy Compliance Features

We’ve added new features to assist you with compliance with privacy laws. First, we added a new Privacy Policy link to the footer of all new verification forms created in MySheerID. By default this points to a new SheerID Privacy Policy we created for users of our verification services.

ABC Company Footer

Secondly, you may prefer to direct consumers to your own Privacy Policy, so we provide the ability to change the URL of the Privacy Policy link in MySheerID. Visit the Program Settings page in our Developer Center to learn more:

Privacy in Program Settings

Finally, we now capture the privacy language users consent to when they verify, to ensure compliance with various privacy and security protocols. If you have a Privacy Policy link in your program’s footer we not only capture the exact footer language but also make that available in our Customer Service Search tool.

PP in CSS Tool

Updated Custom CSS Editor

We overhauled the Custom CSS feature in MySheerID, giving you more flexibility to apply your own styling to your programs. Improvements include:

  • Easier inspection of individual elements
  • CSS code samples in comments ready to go
  • Syntax highlighting and validation
  • An improved tooltip

To view these upgrades, visit the “Theme” tab on one of your programs and select the “Custom CSS” tab. On that tab we’ve included some code samples to help you get started making CSS changes both generally and to specific pages of your form. Simply uncomment them and use the Preview pane to view your changes.

CSS Samples

A new tutorial on using Custom CSS is coming soon to our Developer Center.

July 22 Release

In This Release

Metadata in Redirect URL support in MySheerID

MySheerID users can now add metadata to redirect URLs. The redirect URL is where consumers land on your website after getting approved and clicking on a link from your verification form or a success email. We’ve helped customers include pertinent information about these consumers in these URLs, such as their coupon code or verificationID, but wanted to provide the ability for our clients to manage this themselves.

To use this feature visit the Program Settings and toggle the Redirect URL setting to “on”. You can assign up to ten keys and associated variables to include in your redirect URL. VerificationID and rewardCode are available by default and any other metadata set in the Metadata Options for the program can also be assigned to a key. Whatever keys and values are configured in this setting automatically get appended to the redirect URL for your program.

Metadata In Redirect URL

Earlier this year we launched our latest Add School Request to help students or teachers who do not see their school when completing a verification form. It gives them a second chance to search and find their school by website and name and return to your form ready to proceed. Or submit a request to add their school to our list if needed.

In this release we made it even easier to get to the Add School Request form by including a link right from the school name search. Any school name that results in 5 or fewer results automatically includes a link “Don’t see your school? Request to have it added.” Clicking the link opens an Add School Request form specific to that program in a new tab.

Add School Request Link

Add School Request Form

Enforcing Eligible Organizations in 2.0 API

We now check that the organizationIDs submitted to 2.0 API programs match the eligibility rules of the program. This assures that the consumer doesn’t need to upload a document that will never get approved due to an organization mismatch. The API returns the recoverable invalidOrganization error if the organization is not allowed.

July 8 Release

In This Release

Adaptive Fraud Protection Support

We’ve launched our new Adaptive Fraud Protection which adds the ability to adapt our responses to suspicious activity. Rather than always blocking verifications in cases of obvious fraud we created a new technique that routes the verification based on fraud suspicion metrics. For example, your program will start asking for additional information to prove a user’s eligibility if our metrics point to potential fraud. If you use SMS Loop with Adaptive Fraud Protection we can make the user complete that flow. Or we can route them to upload a document. Or both, depending on the level of suspicion.

Adaptive Fraud Protection is a free service available to all customers. If you are worried about the potential for fraud on your program, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected] about adding SMS support as an additional protection measure.

Adaptive Fraud Protection

Replace Existing Reward Codes in MySheerID

Some of you have asked to upload a whole new set of reward codes on your program, such as when you change the discount people receive. Before this release our staff would have to assist with swapping out the new set with what was already present on the program. Now MySheerID offers the ability to add new codes which replace your existing set. Simply select “Replace my Codes” when uploading Single-Use codes and the new codes will be used instead of any codes still remaining on your program.

June 24 Release

In This Release

Canadian Military and First Responder Support

You asked us to support your heroes programs in Canada so we added support for military and first responder to the medical support we already offer. We can now create offers for you with Canada as a country option for all three segments. Military offers cover all branches of the Canadian military. First Responder programs feature a list of Canadian Police, Firefighter and EMT organizations, with support for users adding their own if needed.

For more detailed information on Canadian programs, please contact your Account Executive.

Canadian Military

Cross subdomain support for conversion tracking cookies

Conversion Tracking is a key pillar for tracking the ROI of your SheerID programs. We’ve improved our Simple Method of Conversion Tracking to support those of you which have our verification form hosted on a different subdomain than your checkout page, for example and We updated the cookie we use for to support this cross subdomain use case. To learn more about this and all our Conversion Tracking methods, visit our tutorial in the Developer Center.

June 10 Release

In This Release

Post-Secondary Student Support in MySheerID

We’ve made it easier for you to include students beyond the typical college student in your offers. Students at trade or vocational schools, which we call Post-Secondary schools, are now enabled by default for new Student programs in MySheerID. Post-secondary refers to any school over the 12th-grade level that doesn’t grant degrees. MySheerID program admins can manage this feature in the Program Settings section of their student program(s).

Eligible Subsegments

Email Loop support in 2.0

Sometimes you want extra confirmation that the email addresses you receive belong to the person being verified. We’ve added an Email Loop feature to our 2.0 product which delivers an email to the address provided to confirm that the user owns it. When enabled the user clicks on a link in the email to complete the process, or they can enter a code sent in the email into your form. We can also check that the email address belongs to an accepted domain name for the organization.

Anyone using our latest 2.0 API and/or Javascript Library can now enable this. To turn enable Email Loop, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].

Email Loop

Search Tool updates

To make it easier for you to share Reference URLs we now include the full URL in the Customer Service Search tool in MySheerID. These URLs help consumers resume the verification process or see a reward that was provided to them. Even if the display is truncated due to the length, the copy icon to the right of the URL copies the full path for easy sharing with a consumer.

We also updated the Customer Service Search tool to only display the time an SMS or Email notification was sent to the user. Previously these times would update based on further actions by the recipient.

May 13 Release

In This Release

Counts added to Dashboard

We continue to make improvements to the new Dashboard in MySheerID based on your feedback. This release we added the ability to hover over any section of the circle charts to see the count for that section.

Verification Counts

History view in Search Tool

We updated the Search tool in MySheerID. You can now view a consumer’s verification activity ordered by date and time for a comprehensive view of what happened and when. All document review and notification activity are presented in a single list, starting with the most recent activity.

Verification History

Addition of Last Login date to MySheerID

We now track the last login date of each user and display it in MySheerID. User Admins can visit the Users tab under Settings to see who has been active on the site and when. This will help you with security compliance around limiting access to current employees.

May 1 Release

In This Release

Added Other Medical Professionals

In response to the demand generated by the COVID pandemic we’ve added coverage for all medical and health workers. You can now verify medical professionals as a Nurse, Doctor, or Other Health Worker on SheerID medical forms. This is available in the US, as well as the UK, Germany, and France. For more detailed information on EU programs, please contact your Account Executive.

MySheerID experience now tailored by role

Roles in MySheerID are an important tool to provide tailored access to features based on your staff’s responsibilities. In this release we changed the site’s navigation to direct people only to appropriate places on login. For example, users with only the Reporter role will land on Reporting and not see the option for Programs. We also added the Program Admin role. User admins can visit the Users tab in Settings to assign that role, which grants users access to Program content.

New Save button for editing self-service programs

We have improved the UX for making text changes to programs in Test Mode in this release. Text and theme updates are immediately displayed in the preview form. You just need to click Save to commit them. In order to prevent unsaved changes from being abandoned, a dialog is shown if you attempt to navigate away from the page.

Edit Program

Abandon Changes

Reporting Dashboard Improvements

This release continues our commitment to rapidly address enhancement requests for the new Dashboard in MySheerID. We made all graph and chart colors consistent. True always = blue, False = red and NULL = gray. Bar graph labels are also ordered to match the order in which the colors are displayed.

April 2 Release

In This Release

New Reporting Dashboard

We’ve launched a brand new dashboard in MySheerID which makes it faster and easier to view data on the success of your programs. The features include:

  • Much faster loading overall
  • Rapid updates when you apply filters
  • Advanced filters, to combine programs, segments and results
  • All geographies (US & International) in one report
  • Year-over-year trend chart

Reporting Dashboard

If you need some time to transition to the new style, the old reporting is still available under a “More Data” dropdown menu. See our Reporting Dashboard section for details.

We upgraded the search tool that you use to support consumers. It provides full verification details, plus actions to resolve support issues, such as re-sending lost verification emails. This powerful tool now has its own section in MySheerID:

Customer Search

We undertook a full redesign of the tool to support key enhancement requests, such as the ability to see more data on each request and see all the actions organized together. Each request now displays any relevant metadata, organization country, program name and ID, plus request expiration time; and all notifications, whether email, SMS or webhook. See the Search section of the Developer Center to learn more.

Search Detail

March 19 Release

In This Release

Processing Timer for Document Review

We are always focused on speed. Since more and more of our document reviews happen quickly, we updated our consumer experience to keep the user’s attention. All new 2.0 programs now include a screen with a 20 second timer. Once a user uploads a document, the timer counts down and flips to the appropriate approved or rejected message as soon as a decision is made.

Doc Review Processing Timer

February 19 Release

In This Release

SMS Loop Fraud Prevention

You now have the option of adding SMS Loop validation to any 2.0 programs as a way to fight discount abuse. When your customers provide their mobile number (along with other required information) in order to verify, they will receive an SMS message with a 6-digit code to enter in this part of the verification form:

SMS Loop Fraud Prevention

This assures that the person verifying actually possesses the mobile device with the number they provided, which makes our Same Person Limits more effective.

For information on pricing, please contact your Account Executive.

SMS Notifications for Document Approval

To help you convert more verified users into customers, our platform allows you to send an SMS message to notify users when their uploaded documents are approved (US only).

This is now available to all US self-service customers. You can enable this by going into your Program Settings and turning it on. The phone number field will automatically appear on your hosted verification form, and the UI lets you adjust the text of your message:

SMS Notifier

January 22 Release

In This Release

Organization Search Improvements

We removed the three-character minimum for type-ahead search, optimizing the user experience. Now, if a user stops typing after entering one character results will be displayed. This will help particularly in markets where popular universities have names most easily located by searching a single character.

January 8, 2020 Release

In This Release

New Add School Request Form

This release marks an improvement to the user experience when a student or teacher can’t find their school in our verification forms. We have built an entirely new Add School Request form which maximizes verifications by giving consumers a second chance to find the right school. Users can search by website URL in addition to name to improve their chances of finding a match. If successful, users can copy the exact name to use, go back and proceed to verify their status.

The form is also intelligent, so if we do find their school, but that school type is not eligible for the offer (e.g., it’s a vocational school, and the offer is only for university students) it provides that feedback to the user. This improves the user experience by providing immediate feedback and a clear resolution to their inquiry.

This form can be added by SheerID’s Client Delivery team to new and existing Student and Teacher programs.

Add School Request

We have rebuilt our organization search capability to ensure fast performance no matter where people are in the world. Our 2.0 products now use search endpoints distributed in data centers across the globe to minimize search response times. We also made improvements to the accuracy and presentation of search results. Exact matches rise to the top, and common words like “University of” carry less weight, while unique words such as Wrexham Glyndŵr get priority.

These enhancements are applied to all programs supported in MySheerID. See our Organization Search Tutorial to learn more.

SMS and Phone Number Collection

To better reach consumers who prefer SMS to email, we have added support for SMS notifications to the 2.0 API for all segments. For users of our hosted solutions, when the Client Delivery team adds an SMS notifier to your program, an optional mobile number field will appear on the verification form. For more detailed information on pricing, please contact your Account Executive.

Collect SMS Number

New REST API Reference

Based on feedback from both internal and external developers we launched a new UI for our REST API reference. The familiar 3-column layout and in-page search lets you quickly locate the endpoints and properties you are looking for. We also made improvements to our API spec to better organize our endpoints and improve discoverability.

December 11, 2019 Release

In This Release

Re-engagement Emails for Document Upload

We always want to help you convert as many qualified consumers as possible.

When a consumer reaches the Document Upload step in the verification journey, they may not be ready right then to find and submit the required documentation. It’s easy to get distracted and forget about finishing the journey, and if they do remember, there is not a simple way to pick up where they left off.

With this new feature, if a consumer reaches the Doc Upload step but doesn’t submit any documents within 15 minutes (time frame configurable), we send that consumer an email reminding them to finish verifying. The email is only sent once and includes a unique link that lets them complete their verification:

Re-engagement Email

This email serves as a reminder to finish the verification, and is a convenient way for the consumer to pick up where they left off. This makes it easier, for example, to start verifying on your mobile phone, then later open the Doc Upload screen on your laptop when you’re back in your dorm room and ready to dig up the required document.

To turn on these emails, talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].

Content and scheduling options for these reminders are configurable, according to the terms of your services subscription.

Available customizations for the email include:

  • Subject line
  • From address
  • Body content
  • Body theming
  • Trigger timing
Note: Re-engagement messages may also use SMS in addition to email, but requires a different setup. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] if you are interested in SMS.

November 20 Release

In This Release

Added doctors verification to the Medical segment

Now you can instantly verify doctors in the United States as part of the medical segment. Coverage has been added for over 1 million doctors, accounting for 99% of licensed medical and osteopathic physicians. Doctors verification can be configured as a standalone program, or paired with nurses as part of a larger medical program. We use authoritative data sources to instantly verify if an individual holds current licensure as a doctor in the US, verifying based off of name, birth date, postal code, and email.

Updated Segment cards in MySheerID

We refreshed the statistics shown in MySheerID’s program builder to reflect our latest coverage, including doctors.

SheerID Segments

October 29 Release

In This Release

Customer Service Tool in MySheerID

Thanks to your feedback, we made improvments in the customer service area of MySheerID. If you navigate to the Reporting section and perform a customer search, you will see the following enhancments:

  • Added email notifiers tab, which lets you see what notifiers were sent to the consumer and re-send any of them.
  • Added document upload tab, which lets you upload a document emailed by the consumer and automatically create a new review case.
  • Resolved issues related to searching for consumers by email and name.

Email and Upload

October 4 Release

In This Release

Toggle between Pending and Test Mode in MySheerID

When you are ready to Go Live with your program, it goes from Test Mode to Pending, while you wait for final review from SheerID staff prior to pushing it live.

In this release, we added the ability for you to toggle your programs between Pending and Test in case you decide that your program needs further editing. Just click the “Return to Test” option from your pending program.

Employment Offer Support

We now support Employment offers in our 2.0 API and JavaScript Library.

To learn more, see the Employee Verification page on our corporate website.

Configuration of Military Organizations

In response to your feedback we added the ability to configure which military organizations are used for offers in MySheerID. Previously the non-armed services organizations (NOAA, PHSCC and Other DoD) were included in all self-service programs and could not be removed. These organizations are now excluded by default on all new programs, including those launched via MySheerID. Any MySheerID military program can now be configured to include them.

September 18 Release

In This Release

2-Factor Authentication in MySheerID

SheerID’s customer portal, MySheerID, already has industry standard security measures, such as 256-bit encryption between client and server using TLS 1.2, robust web session management, and automatic logouts.

But in today’s world of cybercrimes, some of our enterprise customers require 2-factor authentication (2FA) as an extra level of protection against unauthorized access to their SheerID accounts and programs.

With this release, you now have the option to require 2FA when your employees sign in to MySheerID. Contact your Account Manager to enable 2FA for your account.

2FA Setup

To learn more, see our Two-Factor Authentication documentation.

Reverification API

One of our most common customer requests is for reverification, or the ability to verify people’s continued eligibility for a discount.

We are excited to announce several new reverification endpoints that let you send us lists of verificationIDs from people verified previously. When we receive a reverification request from you, we will check their status again and respond with a new result. When used in combination with other features like email notifiers and webhooks we can support you in fully automating a reverification process.

See our Reverification Tutorial to learn more.

September 5 Release

In This Release

Security Upgrades for MySheerID

We have made several security upgrades to MySheerID. These upgrades focus on security for SheerID users and your customers’ data.

Security Updates:

  • Deleting a user from an account will immediately disable them.
  • Changing a user’s permissions will immediately take effect and prompt a re-login.
  • Login failure handling has been improved.
  • We no longer store any user information in the browser’s local storage.

Addition of Conversion Tracking scripts to MySheerID

It is now easier for you to integrate Conversion Tracking because we include it directly in the MySheerID installation experience. This feature allows you to populate your ROI Impact Dashboard with sales data and quickly see the ROI of your SheerID programs.

Install program

How it works:

  1. Copy the installation code with the conversion tracking script in order to store the verificationId for any verification in a first-party cookie.
  2. Copy the conversion tracking script and add it to your post-conversion page to read the verificationID from the cookie and send it to SheerID with the spending amount of that verified person’s transaction.
  3. Once in place, you can view the revenue generated by your program in the ROI Impact Dashboard.
Note: At this time the ROI dashboard needs to be explicitly added by SheerID. If you have added tracking, make sure to contact Support with a request to add the dashboard to MySheerID.

Additionally, there are JavaScript and REST API methods that do not utilize a cookie. You can learn more about all these methods in our Conversion Tracking tutorial.

August 14 Release

In This Release

Download large verification reports in MySheerID

In prior releases, you may have experienced a timeout when downloading reports with large amounts of data. We have addressed your feedback by implementing the following two enhancements:

  1. On the back end, we will no longer timeout your session while a report is downloading, no matter how long it takes.
  2. On the front end, you will see the following spinner as a visual cue that the report is being generated:

Generating Report

One the report is finished generating, it will trigger the download of the finished CSV file.

Note: We recommend selecting shorter date ranges if you think large amounts of data will be included.

August 7 Release

In This Release

Custom campaign analytics tracking

Many of our customers want to tie the performance of verification programs back to the marketing campaigns that drove users to them.

For example, when a user clicks a link in a marketing email or Facebook ad, that link contains a campaign parameter (e.g. utm_campaign). Passing this value through to the verification report helps you identify the best performing campaigns and optimize your marketing efforts.

Now you can track campaign and other custom metadata in MySheerID, without needing to rely on our Professional Services team. Define the metadata to be tracked along with your verifications, such as the utm_campaign or any key-value pair that you wish to include in your reporting.

In your program’s settings page, turn on metadata options and define the keys you wish to track. When calling our verification URL, simply pass us your defined key with the appropriate value as a parameter, e.g.,<YOUR_PROGRAM_ID>/?utm_campaign=back_to_school and we will store the data alongside the SheerID verificationID for reporting purposes.

Later, you can access this data by downloading a verification report and/or using our API to get the verification metadata.

In the example of passing in utm_campaign, you can download the verification report and run a pivot table to see which traffic sources are yielding the most approved verifications. In the example of passing in a userID, you can also set up a webhook; when that webhook URL is notified of an approved verification, you can query our API to ask for the userID of that approved consumer.


Metadata Example

Smart fraud prevention settings for new programs

All programs made in MySheerID going forward will have a default verification limit to ensure smart fraud prevention is in place. The new setting defaults to 1x every 180 days, meaning an individual may only redeem your offer once in a 180-day period.

Default Verification Limit

July 25 Release

In This Release

New, simplified, powerful reporting endpoints

Now you can generate a verification report which can be downloaded later, check the status of the report, and retrieve it when it is ready.

Use the Generate a verification report Report endpoint to define the start and end dates for the report:

POST /rest/v2/report/verification HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

	"startDate": "2019-08-06",
	"endDate": "2019-08-08",
	"format": "CSV"

Use the status endpoint to retrieve your verification status:

GET /rest/v2/report/{reportId}/status HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN

And finally, retrieve data for a previously-generated report in CSV format:

GET /rest/v2/report//report/{reportId} HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN

Update verification metadata endpoint

Now you can update verification metadata for an ongoing verification.

PUT /rest/v2/verification​/{verificationId}​/metadata HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN

  "key": "value",
  "anotherKey": "another value"

Capture IP address in a verification

ipAddress is now an optional field in some verifications such as Submit Student Verification. You only need to provide an ipAddress in situations where the HTTP requests do not come directly from the end user.

POST /rest/v2/verification/{verificationID}/step/collectStudentPersonalInfo HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

	"firstName": "Jane",
	"lastName": "Ivy",
	"birthDate": "1990-01-01",
	"email": "[email protected]",
	"ipAddress": "",
	"organization": {
		"id": 4597,

July 10 Release

In This Release

Major update to email notifications in MySheerID

This release marks a major upgrade to approval and rejection emails sent through programs created in MySheerID. Emails now:

  • Have fully editable text
  • Inherit theming from the forms (logo, font, color choices)
  • Boast new, default copy reflecting best practices
  • Include a button with redirectUrl (if specified)

This change is available on all new MySheerID programs going forward.

Here is an example of the new UI:


Compared to the previous experience:

Previous Email UI

Many of our customers ask permission to market to verified consumers on their verification forms, providing a checkbox to opt in. Some of you want to make consent to future marketing a condition of granting access to a promotion.

Today, we added an advanced setting for Marketing Consent, giving you the ability to:

  • Enable a marketing consent checkbox in your verification form
  • Make it an optional or required field
  • Edit the exact language the consumer is agreeing to

This feature is available with all new MySheerID programs created after this release, under Program Settings »» Marketing Consent.

Marketing Consent Card

See Marketing Consent to learn more.

Verifications searchable by phone number

We enhanced the customer service search tool within MySheerID to enable search on phone numbers. This adds to pre-existing search on name, email or verificationID. This is available on all programs (0.5 and 2.0, new and existing) for which a phone number is collected:

Phone Search

Change to minimum age for verification

In order to comply with EU and California regulations, we are eliminating verification for people under age 16. This is a platform change and affects all segments and all geographies. For customers using our master templates and hosted solutions the exact user experience will vary but either the consumer will not have an option to choose a birth year outside the allowable range, or see an error message if they do. For API customers, the APIs will return an error if a birth date for a person under 16 years old is submitted.