Go Live

Take your program live.

Launch Program

Once you’re finished creating your program, you can make a request to publish it by clicking the Go Live button beneath the code snippet on your program’s Program page. When you request to Go Live, your program will go into a pending state and you won’t be able to edit it. A member of our Sales team will reach out to assure you have a Master Services Agreement in place, which governs pricing for your account. In addition, our Client Delivery team will review your program, make any necessary edits to finalize it, and then publish it so it goes live for your customers.

Program Review Dialog

Once your program is live in your MySheerID account, it is ready to go into production on your site. Start marketing your Gated offer!

Edit a Live Program

To make future edits, you have 2 options:

  1. For minor changes: Put your program back into test mode briefly, make the updates, and push the program live again when ready. If you take this approach, we suggest you do it in off hours to minimize impact on your customers. The edits will be published immediately, without requiring a pending step.
  2. If your changes are more involved: Copy the program, make your edits, and push the new program live. When ready to publish, swap the program ID on your site from the old ID to the new ID. This will ensure continuity of your live program, so that your customers aren’t blocked at any point from verifying.