Install Program

Install a lightbox form on your site.

Install Program

Now that you have created a program, it’s ready for testing on your site. Choose your program from the Programs menu and copy the provided code snippet.

Note: The code snippet provided in the SheerID dashboard will generate a Confirm Eligibility link on your site that renders the verification form in a lightbox preview.

Add the snippet to your site wherever you would like to peform a verification.

Install program

For tips on installing this script and adjusting the display method, see Javascript Library Iframe Scripts Tutorial

Conversion Tracking Snippets

Below the main installation snippet, two scripts are provided for tracking conversions of verified users who make purchases on your site. Conversions are reported in your ROI Impact Dashboard

These scripts employ cookies to track a user’s verificationId and then tie it to a later purchase. Several other methods are available for tracking conversions as well. See our Conversion Tracking tutorial to learn more.

Note: Make sure to deploy the first conversion script on the same pages where your verification begins, and the second script on the post-conversion page. Details are provided in the tutorial linked above.