Customizing Email Content

Velocity Template Syntax

Email Notifiers use Velocity templates to render email content. Consult the Velocity User Guide for specific details on syntax.

Available Variables

Person Data

  • ${LAST_NAME}
  • ${EMAIL}

Request Metadata

Hosted Applications

  • ${token} – the user’s unique verification token
  • ${verifyUrl} – the fully-qualified URL of the verification app that this user used (example:
  • Any defined field name from extraFields template configuration

API Integrations

  • Any metadata which is explicitly sent with the initial verification request

Reward Data

  • Conditional based on the template/request configuration. (example: ${coupon} if there is a reward configured to assign a coupon code to the coupon reward data key)


  • ${errorblock} – an HTML unordered list containing zero or more errors that accompany the current VerificationResponse (example: reason for document review failure)

Common conventions

Upload URL

  • Constructing a URL to offer a user-specific link to upload additional documentation (provided request came from a hosted verification app): ${verifyUrl}upload.html?token=${token}