Perform a verification. This is the primary method of importance for most integrations. Fields to supply vary based on the affiliations the caller is interested in verifying and the type of verification being performed. For a list of which fields are relevant for a particular type of request, see the verification field requirements documentation.

Request Details

HTTP Method(s)


Resource URI

Accepted Content Type(s)



Name Type Description
any field name from List Fields mixed value for the specified field (ex: FIRST_NAME=Thomas)
metadata key (any string prefixed with :) string metadata value for the supplied key (ex: :orderId=179365)
_affiliationTypes AffiliationType[] A comma-delimited list of affiliation type names (see List Affiliation Types). Defines the affiliations the requestor deems acceptable for a given verification. (For example, when attempting to verify that an individual is either a full-time or part-time student: _affiliationTypes=STUDENT_FULL_TIME,STUDENT_PART_TIME)
_assetTypes AssetType[] A comma-delimited list of asset type names (see List Asset Types). Defines the requestor's list of acceptable documents for use with ASSET_REVIEW verification types. If ASSET_REVIEW is not an allowable verification type, this configuration is ignored.
_rewardIds string[] A comma-delimited list of Reward IDs (see List Rewards). Defines any rewards to be issued when an individual is verified.
_verificationTypes VerificationType[] A comma-delimited list of verification type names (see List Verification Types). Defines the requestor's list of acceptable techniques that may be used to verify an individual.
endUserId string
endUserIp string
matchName boolean false to disable matching of organizationName. If organizationId is supplied or organizationName is not supplied, this parameter is ignored.
organizationId long an optional organization id, see List Organizations
organizationName string an organization name supplied when the ID is not known. If organizationId is supplied, this parameter is ignored.
organizationType OrganizationType an organization type (see List Organization Types) to help when matching the organization name. If organizationId is supplied or organizationName is not supplied, this parameter is ignored.
templateId string the identifier of an existing template (see Create Template) from which to source verification request configuration. If this value is supplied, any other request configuration directives (parameters prefixed with _) are ignored.

Rate Limit(s)

Please review the Rate Limiting Documentation for more information about rate limits and related HTTP response headers.

Scope Limit Time Window (Rolling)
account 50 15 minutes

Response Details

Expected Response

A single VerificationResponse object

Response Content Type(s)


Errors (HTTP Status Codes)

HTTP Status Code Description
400 data provided is not valid, reasons include:
  • Date is not properly formatted
  • Birth date supplied indicates the individual attempting to verify is under 13 years old
  • Email address supplied is not a valid format
  • Phone number supplied is not a valid format
400 attempt to verify using organizationName (instead of organizationId) but there is more than one organization matching that name. Can be prevented by setting matchName to false when supplying organizationName
400 No data source of allowed verification type(s) exists to verify the specified organization or affiliation
429 rate limit policy has been exceeded