Update Verification

Update and re-submit an existing verification request. The previous response to this request must have a result of null, otherwise update is disallowed. Only identity data can be changed (parameter names as described by List Fields). Organization id/name or other configuration supplied with the original request is not modifiable.

Request Details

HTTP Method(s)


Resource URI


Accepted Content Type(s)


Path Parameters

Name Type Description
requestId string the identifier returned with the original request


Name Type Description
any field name from List Fields mixed value for the specified field (ex: FIRST_NAME=Thomas)

Rate Limit(s)

Please review the Rate Limiting Documentation for more information about rate limits and related HTTP response headers.

Scope Limit Time Window (Rolling)
account 50 15 minutes

Response Details

Expected Response

A single VerificationResponse object

Response Content Type(s)


Errors (HTTP Status Codes)

HTTP Status Code Description
400 the request cannot be updated, reasons include:
  • Request is in PENDING status
  • A response with a conclusive (true or false) result has been obtained
400 data provided is not valid, reasons include:
  • Date is not properly formatted
  • Birth date supplied indicates the individual attempting to verify is under 13 years old
  • Email address supplied is not a valid format
  • Phone number supplied is not a valid format
403 the request cannot be updated because it is inactive (older than 7 days)
429 rate limit policy has been exceeded