Update Template

Update an existing verification request template.

Request Details

HTTP Method(s)


Resource URI


Accepted Content Type(s)


Path Parameters

Name Type Description
templateId string the identifier of a previously created template


Name Type Description
_affiliationTypes AffiliationType[] A comma-delimited list of affiliation type names (see List Affiliation Types). Defines the affiliations the requestor deems acceptable for a given verification. (For example, when attempting to verify that an individual is either a full-time or part-time student: _affiliationTypes=STUDENT_FULL_TIME,STUDENT_PART_TIME)
_assetTypes AssetType[] A comma-delimited list of asset type names (see List Asset Types). Defines the requestor's list of acceptable documents for use with ASSET_REVIEW verification types. If ASSET_REVIEW is not an allowable verification type, this configuration is ignored.
_rewardIds string[] A comma-delimited list of Reward IDs (see List Rewards). Defines any rewards to be issued when an individual is verified.
_verificationTypes VerificationType[] A comma-delimited list of verification type names (see List Verification Types). Defines the requestor's list of acceptable techniques that may be used to verify an individual.
active boolean enable/disable access to this template (default value: true)
begins date an optional beginning date for this template (format: yyyy-MM-dd)
expires date an optional expiration date for this template (format: yyyy-MM-dd)
name string a name for this template for reference purposes

Response Details

Expected Response

A single VerificationRequestTemplate object

Response Content Type(s)