Request Report

Request a report. When the report has a COMPLETE status (as returned by Retrieve Report), you can obtain the report data using Get Report Data.

Request Details

HTTP Method(s)


Resource URI


Name Type Description
bulkBatchId string[]
delta long a number of milliseconds into the past (from the time the report is requested) the report should cover. If startDate is supplied, this value is ignored.
endDate date an optional upper bound on request timestamp (format: yyyy-MM-dd)
errorsToFilter string a comma-delimited list of error codes to filter out of the report
fields string include specific named person data fields in report (as a comma-delimited list of field constants from List Fields, or * to return all available data). Supplied fields are narrowed to match the data access policies for the calling user.
invoiceMode boolean filter results to just verification requests for which a fee is incurred
metaKeys string a comma-delimited list of request/respsonse metadata keys to include in report
notifyEmail boolean false to disable email notification upon completion of report (default value: true)
reportingConfigurationIncluded boolean to include metaKeys specified in the account configuration (default value: false)
startDate date an optional lower bound on request timestamp (format: yyyy-MM-dd)
statuses string a comma-delimited list of verification statuses to include
templateId string[] a ID of a template by which to filter requests. If none are specified, will not filter by template. If multiple template IDs are specified, will use OR combination to filter requests.

Rate Limit(s)

Please review the Rate Limiting Documentation for more information about rate limits and related HTTP response headers.

Scope Limit Time Window (Rolling)
account 12 60 minutes

Response Details

Expected Response

A single Report object

Response Content Type(s)


Errors (HTTP Status Codes)

HTTP Status Code Description
429 rate limit policy has been exceeded