Organization search for use in a type-ahead component

Request Details

HTTP Method(s)


Resource URI



Name Type Description
accountId string include organizations with this accountId in search
accountScopeOnly boolean filter results by provided accountId
city string filter by city (must be used in conjunction with a state filter)
country string filter by country (default value: US)
includeLocation boolean true to return the organization's city, state, and postal code as available
name string a name or part of a name used to filter the results (case-insensitive)
Example: carolina will match University of North Carolina, East Carolina University, etc.
nameStartAnchored boolean a flag indicating that organization names must start with a given name
Example: east carolina will match East Carolina University but not University of East Carolina.
state string filter by state
tag string[] filter results by any of these tags
type OrganizationType[] an organization type reference, as described by List Organization Types

Response Details

Expected Response

A list of ThinOrganization objects

Response Content Type(s)