Get Barcode

Obtain a barcode in image format

Request Details

HTTP Method(s)


Resource URI{symbology}/{data}-{width}x{height}.png

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
symbology Symbology a supported barcode symbology
Possible values: ITF, UPC_A, CODE_128, PDF147, QR
data string numeric or textual data that is appropriate to be represented in the given symbology
width integer the preferred pixel width of the barcode image. For 1D barcodes this value is ignored.
height integer the preferred pixel height of the barcode image. For barcodes with longer data the resulting image may be taller than requested in order to present a readable code.

Response Details

Expected Response

a barcode in image (PNG) format

Response Content Type(s)


Errors (HTTP Status Codes)

HTTP Status Code Description
400 the data provided cannot be represented by the symbology supplied
400 requested size is larger than the maximum number of pixels (1MM)